DENNY the Dinosaur


DENNY the Dinosaur

This dinosaur is attractive in his "timeless" style including a back full of scales to tempt the child in all of us!  He is attired in colors galore and promises "eons" of fun and excitement!

This cleverly-designed cast cover will help keep dirt/debris from getting inside the cast.  The friendly nature of the cast cover enhances the casting experience by giving your child an enjoyable toy for entertainment during this stressful and painful time.

Your child will be drawn to the bright colors and charismatic features of the cast cover.

DENNY the Dinosaur has crinkle fabric sewn into his turquoise scales for added interest and excitement.

Research shows that children with broken arms/wrists should continue to manipulate their muscles in their injured limb to maintain muscle tone.  The puppet-like style of this adorable cast cover will encourage your child to continuously open and close their hand.

Each cast cover meets or exceeds all toy safety regulations.