Cast of Characters
Cast Cover
Care Instructions

Each cast cover has a sewn-in label with care instructions. To keep the brightness and softness of the fabric, follow these simple instructions:

  • Surface wash the cast cover using cold water.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Air dry.                                     


Our Covers Aren't Waterproof

Plaster casts need to stay dry. A wet cast can lead to irritation and infection of your child’s skin. Although our cast covers are not designed to waterproof the cast, they can be used as the first layer of protection. Use a Cast of Characters’ cast cover over your child’s cast and then add a plastic bag (grocery bag) over the top. Use a rubber band to close the bag over the arm, taking care not to bind the arm too tightly. You must still use care when bathing your child. Have your child keep his/her arm out of the water and assist your child with shampooing and rinsing.